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October 18, 2019
Updating website.

February 20, 2018
14 of my MSR albums have been added to Bandcamp now. They are free to stream. The URL will be

"countdown to oblivion, or"
30 minutes
First new audio release in a LONG LONG TIME!!

I feel it is very significant to note that this is the first full length recording I've done in MANY years.

It was recorded as a live mix directly onto the micro cassette, using the built-in microphone.

I have packaged it as a box set, or mail art, with specially created art pieces made of polymer clay, 12 art cards, an info card, and the micro cassette. It is a Limited Edition, consisting of one copy of a limited edition of one, i.e. 1 of 1.

The photography was done in-camera, there is no Photoshop manipulation of any sort on the Art Cards.


October 2009
MSR has always been about love, inspired by love, and filled with angst and pain. The latter has passed, been absorbed by love, pure love. My life is changing for the better. It's changing in ways I've always wanted, I've always dreamed of, I've always imagined, but could never fathom how it could really be.

New Hollywood photography series on Flickr: photography by Deborah Jaffe.

I finally succumbed to Facebook - Thanks to Jessica King for making it fun. Pictured, right: me in my living room in LA with a giclee print of one of Jessica's paintings.

I recorded a new music piece for Hal McGee's Dictaphonia compilation project called "Give". This is the first musical recording I've done in a decade. You can listen here.

I've been asked to become a member of the Dada Action Group with James Banner. I've known Jim since we corresponded back in the 1980s and Dada has been a huge part of my life and my creative work for as long as I've been an artist. If you don't know what Dada is (shame on you) - read all about it here.

Monte Cazazza, infamous artist/musician. I'm doing an extreme art performance with him sometime later in 2009 at the Museum of Death Festival - well maybe. Details are still in the planning stages. In the meantime, I'm enjoying living in Los Angeles.

I'm very pleased to announce that I'm collaborating with Stefan Kozak and I'm a new member of The Skaden (aka Eikenskaden) and Mystic Forest! His work in both Eikenskaden and Mystic Forest is excellent and highly respected, and this is great news! Listen to samples of earlier releases by Eikenskaden and Mystic Forest.

Richard Kadrey of HOT WIRED/Covert Culture did a live Club Wired interview on 10/4/95 with me at the Wired Magazine warehouse/offices in SF. I have located this interview once again and you can read it here.

After having a strange beginning to this new year, I'm feeling renewed inspiration, finally. With the advent of new techniques technology and that aforementioned renewed inspiration, I am exploring new ideas in recording music and have begun a new music project that will be released sometime in the future.

MSR is now available direct at iTunes (you'll be asked to launch iTunes app).

Few of you know this but I have been concentrating my efforts on visual art for the past several years. I have now decided to post some of my work, viewable here.

My early work in VISCERA is now available as free downloads through Hal's website. This early work is raw and primitive and was the foundation for all other projects to follow. An interesting look back. The downloads are free. You might be very surprised at what you hear.

Free streaming and MP3 downloads are also available now - here.

previous news:

Skin Two

  • I originally designed and implemented the official Mortiis website. The URL is He is really finding a voice in the underground music world and I'm pleased. Find out about all those MORTIIS rumors you've heard about from the Elfen One himself.
  • I co-founded, own and run a heavy metal music mailorder website called which begin in 1996. It should come as no surprise considering I have always been interested in extreme music.
  • I wrote a piece on "female submission" for issue #21 of Skin Two.
  • Skin Two featured a double-page spread on Debbie in issue #18.
  • MSR was reviewed in the November '96 issue of Terrorizer magazine out of the U.K. (a black metal/extreme music magazine) with an article that appeared in the January '97 issue also by Chad Hensley.
  • I was featured in Esoterra Magazine. There is an interview and an article written for Esoterra Issue #7 by me.
  • "SCENARIOS: special WIRED edition" magazine listed Master/Slave Relationship's Music for a Sadomasochistic Scene in the Colophon as "music that helped get this issue out" ..... cool! Unfortunately, it is now sold out, the magazine that is.
  • Richard Kadrey of HOT WIRED did a live Club Wired interview on 10/4/95 with me at the Wired Magazine warehouse/offices in SF. I have located this interview once again and you can read it here.

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