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music 2013

recorded in 2013 for Hal McGee's microcassette series (link goes to his site - listen for free)

music 1984 - 1997

Desire To Castrate Father
"The Desire To Castrate Father"

Throwing It To The Wind
"Throwing It To the Wind"

Captive Heart
"Captive Heart"

Being led around by the tongue
"being led around by the tongue"

My State Of Evil Dreams
"My State of Evil Dreams"

Fanatic/Embracing Power/The Heaviest
"Fanatic"/"The Heaviest"

Bed of Perverse Dreams
"Bed Of Perverse Dreams"

The Love Of A Saint (Darkness)
"The Love of a Saint (Darkness)"

This Lubricious Love
"This Lubricious Love"

A New Explanation For Decadence
"A New Explanation For Decadence"

Blue Faced Lust
"Blue Faced Lust"

Soundtrack To Black Leather Bondage
"Soundtrack to Black Leather Bondage"

Semi-Automatic Manstoppers
"Semi Automatic Manstoppers"

Music For A Sadomasochistic Scene
"Music For A Sadomasochistic Scene"

Free MP3 Samples
FREE MP3 Samples



Debbie's early work in the duo VISCERA is now available as FREE DOWNLOADS:

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